About Me

I guess if you are reading my blog you'd like to know a little about me. Here we go...

My name is Nicoll. I'm married to my one great love, Brandon.

We live in Colorado and love baseball, football and a large glass of wine! ...Oh wait, I guess it's just me who loves the wine.

I started this blog because I'm a writer through and through.

You'll see that my posts don't focus on a particular theme and that's intentional. Life is too big and broad to spend all your time writing about a single subject.

So follow me along as I post from my little corner of the world and hopefully there's a post or two that resonates with you as well.



  1. Dear Nikki,
    I love how honest you are! I feel as though I know you but I don't. I'm loving your website as well I've just begun. I was wondering how long you have been blogging ?
    Love Always,
    Cinthia Grace

    1. Thank you so much! I used to have a blog that I started several years ago, but I kept it totally anonymous because 1) there is a certain appeal to anonymity but 2) putting yourself out there is scary!

      So a few months ago I found my courage started Grad School Grad and now here I am! Although I still find some of the more personal posts scary to post...

      DearCinthiaGrace.com is looking awesome, so whatever you're doing, keep it up!