Etsy, Anyone?

I love wine. That's no secret to anyone.

So when my Upwork endeavor failed, I decided to just drink my sorrows away in bottle after beautiful glass bottle of red.

Low and behold there are thousands of things you can do with your empty wine bottles! Now, I'm no creative, but in the age of Google, you don't have to be! People are crazy about posting how-to's online.

So I Googled all of the things I could do with my empty bottles and got to work. First things first, I bought more wine bottles (full ones, of course). I then headed over to Jo-Ann to stock up on the essentials: spray paint, stencil letters, a hot glue gun and other decorations.

My first (and only) bottle was beautiful! Copper-colored with auburn leaves.

I was just so tickled with myself that I opened up shop on Etsy. Cabernet Cabinets, I called it. And my theme was going to be all things wine.

BUT THEN I see that Etsy has all of this metal stamped jewelry advertised on the homepage and I'm like, "oh please, I can do that." So I immediately went to Michaels to get all of the necessary tools. I Googled some inspirational words and got to stamping!

My original idea was to make wine glass tags, but I couldn't quite figure out how to make the ring part of it work how I wanted it to, so my project then turned into metal stamped earrings.

I made a few pairs and then ran out of inspirational words to stamp. I'll let you know if anything ever comes of that...But honestly, being artsy is kind of hard.

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