Free Time for Freelance

As you saw in my last post, The Side Hustle Search, I found my calling...freelance writing. I mean, I have my Master's in Communication's for God's sake, right?

So I find this awesome website, and app, Upwork. Among other things, it's a place where businesses or individuals can post work, and freelance writers/editors can do the work for pay.

This was the perfect solution! I could keep my fabulous corporate job, but pursue my passion for writing/editing on the side. So I download the app, fill out my carefully thought-out profile, and look for jobs.

WARNING for those who haven't used Upwork: Your profile actually has to be approved before you can bid on jobs. It took me a while to figure out. I found all of these jobs I loved, but it kept telling me I needed a certain number of connects before I could apply, whatever that means. So I kept researching and the website told me I should have 60 connects to start, but I didn't have ANY! WTF! (Sorry if any corporate-types are reading this. Maybe "what the heck" was a better expression)

Anyway, I get an email a couple of days later saying that my application was denied because there isn't enough demand for my skillset. Bummer. First stab at a side hustle: fail.

But this woman won't go down without a fight! Stay tuned to see how my next venture turned out...

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