The Side Hustle Search

And so it began...

One week after graduation I was bored. And sad.

The thing about graduation, unless you're one of the lucky enough to have rich parents or a scholarship, is that it's really depressing. I completed my student loan exit counseling, where I basically learned that I can either pay my rent or pay off my student loans. Not both. And graduation isn't some magical event where you go into work the next day and you get a promotion. Instead, I really just felt like I spent the last two years of my life sacrificing my social life, my vision, and my sleep, only to come out on the other side the same, except poorer.

I saw my friends on Facebook posting about their wonderful Mary Kay lives, Rodan + Fields products, and even a friend with a dance studio. A freaking dance studio! How cool is that?! And I thought to myself, "this is it, Nik. You're gonna start a business and be happy as can be with your new, cool education."

So I thought about the marketable skills I have. I'm not a hairdresser, so can't make people look beautiful for a living. Everyone needs a mechanic, but I barely know what year my car is. I don't dance, so I can't copy the dance school idea. I bought a DSLR once, but it either broke or I don't know how to use it, so I guess my photography career is out the window...

WRITING! I'm a freaking writer!

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