Money-Making Apps That Haven't Made Me Money

In my new found free time, I've gotten into checking out some money-making apps. There are some I love. Read my post about Mobee if you're looking for a fun way to earn some extra cash. But for all of the apps I like, there a million that I don't.

Here are a couple of apps I haven't had much luck with:

The idea behind iPoll, as the name suggests, is to take surveys in exchange for money. The surveys don't pay much, somewhere between $0.50 and $1, which would be fine if I was ever eligible to take a survey. I haven't found the effort to be worth the reward.

What happens is that every time you log into the app you click a link to find a survey. You answer a bunch of questions and then the app tells you that they've found a survey you have qualified for. THEN you take another pre-survey survey where they ask a lot of the same questions that you just answered and 4 out of 5 times you don't end up qualifying for the survey. Or at least I don't.

So after 20 minutes of answering questions just to find out I don't qualify for a survey, I haven't found it to be an app I'm in to.

Alright, Gigwalk has the potential to be an awesome app, but it depends on your location. I'm in Colorado and there don't seem to be a whole lot of gigs out here. So from what I can tell, Gigwalk pays you to run errands. One of the gigs I saw involved going to a house and taking pictures. Wow, now that I say that it sounds really creepy, but it's legit...I think.

Anyway, the map in the app has a ton of jobs on the east coast and other places in the country, but Colorado hasn't quite caught on yet. It's at least worth the download and if you're lucky enough to be in a location that has gigs, let me know your experience.

Field Agent
Field Agent is another app that, similar to Gigwalk and Mobee, has you go to different locations around town and do things like take photos of displays. The payouts are pretty high, often around $3 per task and one location could have multiple tasks.

The problem is, I don't ever seem to be able to find the products. Within a few days of downloading the app, I went in and noticed a handful of tasks that involved taking pictures of products at a local drug store. The products need to be exact, the app even provides you with the UPCs. I spent close to an hour in the store searching for these specific products and didn't find a single one of them. To be fair, the description of the tasks do say that the store is a suggestion, but that the products may be found elsewhere.

I'm going to give it one more go and try some jobs in the Audit section of the app. This section gives specific store locations and has jobs auditing things like customer service.

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