PLAY! by Sephora versus Ipsy Glam Bag: September 2017

If you're anything like me, you love getting goodies in the mail.

I am the queen of online ordering. It's a personalized subscription? Even better.

On a trip to Panama last year with my 15-year-old cousin, she told me all about her Ipsy subscription and showed me the makeup she brought along with her. Please note that my little cousin is a much more beautiful and cool 15-year-old than I was. She is a dancer, so thanks to spending a lifetime putting on stage makeup, this girl knows her makeup.

I obviously immediately signed up for Ipsy the second I got back home and have been loving their glam bags ever since.

Fast forward to August of this year.

In addition to being an online shopping addict, I am also a Sephora loyalist. Sephora VIB alllllll day. Anyway, Sephora comes on to the beauty bag subscription scene and introduces Play!, their monthly beauty supply subscription. Uhhh...sold. Doesn't take much for me to get on board with that! However, like the diligent online shopper that I am, I had to do some research. The reviews for Play! were abysmal. I honestly don't remember reading one good review, so I did the only thing that made sense: I signed up.

Now we're in September and it was my first month getting both subscriptions to compare! Here's what we've got:

Ipsy September Glam Bag:

In typical Ipsy fashion, the packaging is enough to get you excited. I love seeing that bright pink package in the mail! Here's what was in the package:
  • black bag
  • Gellusion nail polish
  • Eva NYC Zero Gravity Volume Powder
  • Wonderwand mascara
  • NEOGEN Serum in oil drop White Truffle
  • Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer RADIANCE

The Bag

The bag was awesome, one of my favorites that I've gotten with Ipsy. Plain black with a little texture to it. I like that it's small and subtle enough to serve as a tiny purse, but also a perfect little makeup bag.

Gellusion nail polish

I loved the color, but the polish was not enough to withstand my daily activities. I have a really hard time with nail polish, so this isn't uncommon.
Nail polish, foundation primer, mascara and serum from Ipsy

Eva NYC Zero Gravity Volume Powder

Just like the name suggests, a few sprinkles of this powder gives your hair instant volume. I like to put it on the top back part of my hair to give it a little extra air without it looking unnatural. The directions suggest using it on the lower half of your hair to add some texture, but I have an asymmetrical bob, so my hair looks best when it's perfectly straight.

Wonderwand mascara

This one came in black, which is great. I found it to be a little thicker and clumpier than what I normally prefer, but it didn't run at all, even when I played soccer. Even better than that, it came right off with my regular eye makeup remover.

NEOGEN Serum in oil drop White Truffle

I had high hopes for this one, but I was pretty unimpressed. Part of it was the bottle it came in: very narrow opening for a pretty thick serum, which makes getting it out a true test in patience. On top of that, I just didn't feel a difference in my skin and I was using the serum twice a day.

Smashbox Photo Finish foundation Primer RADIANCE

Smashbox is an all-time favorite for me in terms of primer, and this one was up to the usual great Smashbox standard. I did notice a little bit of a glow with this one, but I'd prefer the regular smash box primer.

Play! by Sephora September Box

This one came in a fun little box. Here's what I got:
  • pink bag
  • belif - The true cream - aqua bomb
  • IGK Hot Girls hydrating shampoo and conditioner
  • Sephora Contour eye pencil 12HR wear
  • benefit GIMME BROW brow-volumizing fiber gel
  • Algenist POWER Recharging Night Pressed Serum
  • Urban Decay VICE liquid lipstick in amulet

The pink bag

Absolutely adorable! I don't know when I would ever use it, but it's cute all the same.

belif - The true cream - aqua bomb

This wasn't as thick as I normally like my moisturizers to be, but it does the job and it has a nice, clean smell.

IGK Hot Girls Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

There wasn't enough in the sample for me to use this more than once, but based on the one time I did use it, I really liked it. The smell was a bit like argon oil and my hair felt really soft when I had dried and styled it. I will probably buy this shampoo and conditioner to get a better idea of how much I like it day-to-day.

Sephora Contour eye pencil 12HR wear

This is a must-have. I loved it so, so much. The mascara came in black, which is what I normally wear. I tend to shy away from waterproof mascaras because I feel like they're hard on my eyes when I try to get them off, but this one is a winner. It went on really smooth, didn't bleed or run at all, even when I played sports. And this one was also very easy to get off with my normal eye makeup remover.
Play! Brow gel, eyeliner, lip stain, aqua bomb, and shampoo and conditioner

benefit GIMME BROW brow-volumizing fiber gel

I was pretty skeptical about this one because I have finally figure out how I like my brows to look and don't like to mess with it. I normally shape and fill in my brows with a dark brown powder, so the liquid and brush was a change. It's not as dramatic as I like my eyebrows to be when I'm going out, but this gel filled them in a way that looked much more natural. The brush, like a tiny mascara brush, really does just make it look like you have thicker eyebrows. It's a look I'd really like to continue using for work and other events in the day.

Algenist POWER Recharging Night Pressed Serum

This is another big favorite of mine. It's used after you wash your face at night and you rub it on your face and neck. It's thick without feeling too heavy and smells wonderful.

Urban Decay VICE liquid lipstick in amulet

I was a huge fan of this one. I loved the color and I love that it's a stain. Much to the pleasure of my boyfriend, it doesn't come off on his cheek when I kiss him <3. However, as with all lip stains, they are not intended to moisturize, so be sure to use some kind of lip scrub and moisturizer before applying the stain.


This month's beauty kit goes to Play! by Sephora. There was not one thing I didn't love about the box, and in fact a lot of items I will probably purchase full-sized. Ipsy gave them a run for their money, but just didn't quite compare this month.

How did your beauty subscriptions compare? We'll see you in October!

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