Valentine's Day Lipstick MUST

Valentine's Day is right around the corner.
Caramel Apple Lip Color

Whether you've found a special someone, or you're still on the market, it's a good excuse to look a little more fancy. I don't buy into the whole hating V-Day because it's a commercial holiday thing. OF COURSE it's a commercial holiday, but if it's a silly day we get to spend being sweet to each other, I'm all about it.

That being said, there is one simple thing that can add that extra touch to your special day: some good lipstick.

Here's where it gets complicated...we want to wear our most bold and beautiful lipstick, but there's a lot to consider:

  • Am I going to get it on my teeth during my date?
  • Is it going to smudge when I eat dinner or drink my many glasses of wine?
Seriously. Since the day we started dating, my fiancé has known that if it's a fancy night out, he doesn't get a kiss because my lipstick will leave a stain. That's not romantic, but sometimes we have to suffer in the name of beauty.


LipSense is working for me. It's a little bit different than a traditional lipstick, but it stays on and doesn't smudge all over everything. It doesn't bleed, either, which is wonderful.

Here's how it works:

  • Make sure there is nothing on your lips. A little witch hazel or LipSense Ooops! Remover will do the trick.
  • Apply one layer of Lip Color, without rubbing back and forth and overlapping. Just one swipe does the trick.
  • Let that layer dry for about 3 seconds (keep your mouth wide while it's drying)
  • Repeat swiping a layer and letting it dry for 2 more times, making a total of 3 layers
At this point, your lips are going to feel dry, kind of like they do when you put on any other lip stain. They might even tingle for a second if you're a first-time user. Your next step is:

And that's it, you're done! Keep applying the gloss throughout the day as needed. When it's bed time, apply that Ooops! Remover, rub your lips together and let it sit for a minute, then just wipe it right off.

If you're like me and want a little extra moisture on your lips before bed, you can put on the Moisturizing Gloss, or I prefer the Moisturizing Lip Balm.

Trust me, both you and your V-Day date will be happy with your beautiful, non-smudging lips.

My Recommendation:

If you ORDER NOW, you still have enough time to get your lip color in before Valentine's Day. I'd start with the Lip Collection, which includes 1 Lip Color, 1 Moisturizing Gloss, and 1 Ooops! Remover.

Once you've got that, you can add on as many additional lip colors as you like, since you've already got the gloss and remover.

To place an order, you can go to this webpage.

For more information on my experience, or to see all the lip color options, visit My Makeup Bag.

Kiss, Kiss!

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