Stitch Fix: Fix #2

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I'm hooked. I loved my First Fix so much that I've come back for more.

March brought me my second Stitch Fix box.

The Box:

Just like last time, my lovely stylist Michelle wrote me a sweet note explaining her choices for me this month and asking about the wedding/engagement party.

Michelle - the engagement party was wonderful. The wedding is November 3rd in Cancun, so I'll be messaging you to think "beach and sun" in some fixes down the road!

Readers - help me out here! I loved everything, but there are a couple of items I haven't made a final decision on. Here we go...

The Dress

This is one I need help with. It's cute and my fiancé likes it, but it's a little short and it's not my normal style.

That being said, it's an easy summer dress and I could wear it for something as casual as the park, or something more fun like a family birthday party.
My little dog made a photo appearance

Help me out here! To keep or not to keep?

Pants and Top

Michelle told me I would and I do love these pants. They're a bit stretchy, which I would normally love, but I've lost some weight recently and they're a little big. I am going to see if I can exchange for a smaller size.

Note to self: Update StitchFix profile with current measurements.

The shirt is just too cute. It's a little see-through and I think it will be perfect for summer.

White Blazer

I love this and it's really comfortable! I can never turn down a good blazer.
I call this my Michael Jackson look. "Who's bad?!"

Off the Shoulder

I need your help on this one, too. I love this shirt, I really do. Brandon, my fiancé, isn't as crazy about it. It's forgiving and fun, its only flaw is that it doesn't always stay where I want it to stay (off the shoulders).

Let me know your thoughts! To keep or not to keep?

Stay tuned for my April fix!

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