Stitch Fix: Fix #3

She has done it, ladies and gentlemen. My stylist, Michelle, has put together the perfect Fix.

Here is what myApril box brought me:

CECE Sportswear Havart Off The Shoulder Blouse

If your read about my last fix, you know there was an off-the-shoulder shirt that I loved, but kept fussing with, so decided to return.

This month, Michelle sent another off-the-shoulder, but one that stays on a little better. I still fuss with it a little, but not nearly as much as the last one.

This shirt is so fun and cute, but the sleeves are by far the best.

Lila Ryan Liza Distressed Skinny Jean

Oh, so you noticed the white pants in that previous photo? Those also came in my box. I love them.

I've always wanted white pants, but never been brave enough to buy them for myself. They need to fit just right and I just don't think they can always be pulled off.

Down side: They kind of see-through, which really just means that I need to be sure to avoid bright-colored underwear when I wear them...a precautionary measure I'm willing to take.

Collective Concepts Edaline Back Detail Top

This top is so versatile. I can wear it with a pair of jeans, or with a pair of dress pants and heels. The back is so cute it's almost a shame to cover it with a blazer for work!

Kensie Dresses Deena Lace Knit Dress

This dress is classy and was picked with my upcoming nuptials in mind. It fits well and would be great for a bridal shower, brunch on the beach during our honeymoon, or even our rehearsal dinner.


Bay To Baubles Park Floral Drop Earrings

To match the dress, my fix also came with these drop earrings. They're too heavy for every day wear, but they really look great when they're on.

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