Our Next Great Adventure: Parenthood

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes...

Baby Novak! ...ETA May 15.

As you may recall, Brandon propped the question last Christmas, and we were married in Mexico in November.

We knew we wanted to have kids right away, so a few months before our wedding, we met with the doctor to talk about trying to conceive. Shortly after....BAM! We're pregnant!

Finding Out

Finding out was the most exciting day of my life.

We found out very early, at four weeks. The amount of happiness and relief I felt was incredible. My husband was also over-the-moon.

As we started to learn more about what it meant to be pregnant, we decided to keep the surprise to ourselves. For one, the risk of miscarriage is so high in the first trimester. But in addition to that, our families were busy focusing on the last-minute details that went into planning and traveling to our upcoming wedding in Mexico.

Breaking the News

We finally told our families and close friends at 13 weeks. We had already had two doctor's appointments confirming that all was well and it seemed appropriate.

Many people were shocked, but for the most part, happy. And it felt really good to finally talk openly about it.

We slowly began telling other friends and family and the more people we told, the more relaxed I felt.

I was most nervous to tell my employer. Many women report being treated different at work, that their employers don't think they're as dedicated to the job, etc. I was also concerned for what it meant for my coworkers who would have to cover my work while I was out on leave after having the child.

I wanted to get ahead of telling at least my boss and close teammates before I started to show and it became obvious.

It's still scary putting it out there. I hear a lot of pregnancy horror stories. I am also constantly in fear of something being wrong at my next doctor's appointment. The other mothers I know tell me that fear never goes away, even after the baby is born.

But I also hear a lot of great advice. And it's really wonderful to be able to talk about some of the weird symptoms I experience and learn that they're normal. The amount of love and support we have in our network is remarkable.

Where We Are Now

I am happy to report that we are at 16 weeks. Another successful doctor's appointment is in the books and while it provides some temporary relief, I'm sure my anxiety will rebuild before the next doctor's appointment.

We're going through the mental planning that every new parent does....how much money do we need to be making? How much is childcare? How long does the baby sleep in our room? What is Butt Paste? Will the child look like me or you?

It's a lot of fun. Scary, yes. Crazy, yes. And fun.