It's OK to Touch My Baby Bump

Ever since becoming pregnant, I've read a lot about how to handle other people touching my baby bump. There's the subtle, "turn away" move. The "baby is resting" line. Or, my favorite, the "rub their belly back" piece of advice.

These articles come up regularly in my pregnancy apps, and are a frequent topic of conversation in my May Mothers facebook group.

Well, I've got a confession to make...I don't mind when people touch my bump.

Even strangers! I might even be so bold as to say that I kind of like it.

Don't get me wrong, it's not because I'm super comfortable with my changing body, or because I'm generally OK with physical affection from others. I'm not.

Even now, at 32 weeks and very obviously pregnant (see photo below), I'm still shocked when strangers will ask me when I'm due or tell me congratulations. I mean, it's nice of them, but every time it happens I always think to myself, "that was a bold move."

But for whatever reason, I am 100% okay with people touching my belly. I even encourage it!

Disclaimer: I was NOT okay with it in my 1st and most of my 2nd trimesters. But now that I'm showing and there's actually something to feel, I am.

What's happening inside of there is so incredibly amazing that I'm happy to share it.

This baby is growing so big, he's now over 3 lbs. He's so active and even though his movements are sometimes painful, I'll never get tired of feeling them. At home I'm constantly telling my husband, "Whoa! Come look!" just in time for baby to get stage fright and stop moving.

It's the best when you can actually feel a leg or his back because of how he's positioned at that moment.

In fact, if you do come to touch my bump, I'll probably give you a lesson in where to feel, or I might tell you to push a little harder so you can really feel him.

So I'm sorry, fellow moms-to-be. I cannot join you in your campaign to stop the belly-touching.

I'm so fascinated and proud of what my body is doing (I'm sure you are, too) and I love when others want to share in that experience with me. There is nothing better than when he moves and I can look up at someone else and say, "did you feel that?!"

I've only got two months left of him growing safely inside of my body, where I can monitor him 24 hours a day. So I'm going to relish it. And if you happen to see me and have an overwhelming urge to touch my bump, chances are I'm going to say....."YES!"

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