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Here's what's in my makeup bag...

As somebody who prides herself on her lip color, I've become a huge fan of LipSense. I typically only have to apply the color 2 or 3 times a day and I never run into any issues with it smearing, leaving stains on my coffee mug, or ending up on my teeth. It's a little different than your traditional lipstick, but feels much better than a stain and lasts much longer than a gloss.

If you're interested in purchasing, you can order from this website.

My Recommendation:

Is to get the LipSense Starter Kit. It comes with:
  1. The color of your choice
  2. The finishing gloss - which is also moisturizing
  3. The color remover - for any Oops! moments when you're putting it on or for bed time.
Once you've got the gloss and the color remover, you can use any color your heart desires.


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My First Experience with LipSense:

My Favorite Colors:


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